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Miafarma is a Pharmaceutical Importer and Distribuitor spread across Angola. We are part of the Bigger Mafcom Group which has Businesses in FMCG, Food Industry, Frozen Foods, Used Clothes, Beverages, etc.

Miafarma imports and distributes medicine from Portugal, India and China currently. Soon imports from Brazil would also begin.


Quality is our No.1 priority. Our motto is to provide the best quality medicine at the most affordable rates for the people here in Africa. We take utmost care to ensure that the medicine we bring in is of the best quality and we do not compromise on it, as it is the lives of the people that we are dealing with.

We, ensure that all our products are manufactured at WHO-GMP approved facilities with valid pharmaceutical licenses for all the products that we get manufactured in Our Brands.
We also test the quality of our products with accredited labs to ensure our products meet our high standards.

Our growth here in the Angolan market over the years has been purely down to the quality standards that we have set and maintained with all our products across the entire Mafcom group for over a period of 15 years.


We began with a single warehouse in Mulemba, Luanda in the Year 2017 and over a period of two years expanded our warehouses to 7 other locations spread across Angola viz:

  • Palanca
  • Mulemba
  • Skwanza
  • Calemba 2
  • Lobito
  • Lubango
  • Huambo
  • Benfica


Our Aim to provide good quality medicine at reasonable prices to help the people of Angola have access to quality healthcare at affordable rates. We have a huge product portfolio of about 1000 European SKU’s, Nearly 300 SKU’s from India and China Combined.

Our products cater to a wide range of Therapeutic categories; a few of them are as mentioned below:

  • Antibiotics
  • Antipyretics
  • Analgesics
  • Anti- Inflammatory
  • Ant- Acids
  • Disposables
  • Supplements, etc

We currently deal with branded Generics from Europe of Reputed Laboratories like Pfizer, Bial, Basi, Sandoz, Origin Pharma, Sanofi, Novartis, Merck, Johnson & Johnson, etc. The Products that we bring in from India with strategic tie-ups with our suppliers are in our own Brand “Miafarma”. We are also looking forward to enter the Cosmetic segment shortly.


As mentioned earlier, we procure our medicine from reputed suppliers from Europe, India and China.


Our current Business Model is that of an Importer – Distributor Model. We import medicine from our various reputed suppliers from across the globe and distribute them through our World Class Warehouses cum Sales Points here in Angola.

From Our Warehouses, the licensed Pharmacists, Clinics, Hospitals and Agencies authorised by the government of Angola procure medicine at Wholesale prices and dispense them through their respective outlets.