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In 1991, the start of Group Mafricom’s history began in the Democratic Republic of Congo, the mother of Africa. What started as clothing quickly developed into one the biggest FMCG companies present in the DRC.

In 2002, we entered the dairy industry and quickly expanded our horizons into Lubumbashi, Tshikapa, Kananga, Mbuji Mayi and Matadi leading us to be the market leaders in this market.

As time passed, we realized it was time to expand our line and invest into the DRC and support the local economy. In, 2007 we invested into the first ever yoghurt manufacturing plant in the country and till today continue to improve our processes as information is so readily accessible as we continue to lead the market and aim to do so in the future.

In 2015, Mafricom DRC began selling more packaged commodities to supply all areas of the DRC, and believed in quality products which were in short supply. Our ultimate goal is to provide quality products, and to be market leaders in whatever we do. It is with the support of our consumers, that we are able to continue and increase the history and relationship we have with the DRC family.

NutriAfrica S.A.R.L.
260 2eme Rue Industriel,
Limete, Kinshasa.
D. R. Congo.

Tel +243- 990 749 216

Email info@mafricom.com

of Congo

Mafricom S.A.R.L.
93, Avenue Moe Makosso,
Grand Marche, Arrondisement 1
Emry Patrice Lumumba.
Pointe Noire
Republic Du Congo.

Tel +243- 990 749 216

Email pnmarketing@mafricom.com


Group Mafricom continues it’s objective to expand across West Africa, and has set up operations in Ghana. The Ghanaian market has great potential to embrace our FMCG and commodity products and support the growth and success of our business.

Mafricom Ghana officially kicked off business activities in March 2020, during the global Covid-19 pandemic. Even though these are challenging times with most markets in lockdown, we believe it is also crucial to offer the market products with obvious economic value, especially for these times.

The company has built a state of the art milk factory in the heart of Accra to manufacture and distribute milk powder and non-dairy creamer products under the momo and Alimo brands across Ghana.

We’ve built a skilled, diverse team with rich, varied expertise, equipped with thorough insights on the local market. Each member on our team has been chosen to add value to our local business operations.

We look forward to growing the business immensely in the coming years in partnership with the people of Ghana, and our objective is to build market leadership over the next 5 years.

Mafricom Ghana Limited
Plot number 70
Spintex road
P.O. Box: 5558.
Accra, Ghana

Tel +233 549 303 365

Email info@mafricomghana.com


MAFCOM (ANGOLA) COMERCIO GERAL was founded on 19thDecember 2005 by Mr. Shams Alimohamadin Luanda, Angola

The Company started its operation in Luanda with second hand clothing and slowly moved into selling FMCG products. The company also continued its expansion by opening up new centers all our Angola. Mafcom is a leader in second hand clothing market across Angola.

MAFCOM has invested in high-tech production facilities for packaging milk powder and distributing throughout the country. Building up a factory to pack the milk powder in 20gm sachet, Pouch packs of 250gm, 500gms, and 1000gms. It has developed a range of own brands which today are well known in Angola markets. (momo, Nutrias, Alimo, V1Tmilk, Cereamil).

The company started the frozen meat, fish and poultry business in 2013 and today it is one of the biggest importers and sellers of frozen items with 11 warehouses across Luanda. It is investing into expanding this business all over the country opening up thisbusiness in other important provinces of Angola.

Since 2015 Mafcomalso started to invest in Coffee by growing and exporting Angolan coffee to Germany, Spain and Portugal. It has created a network of 2000 coffee farmers and continues to support them with its micro financing program. It is also acquired a coffee farm which is being rehabilitated since 2016. Mafcomis seen as a company which is developing not only industry but also the field of agriculture in Angola

In 2017 Group Mafcomstarted its pharmaceutical business with medicines form Europe and Asia, also developing some products under its own label. Today Mia Pharma is well know name in the market and it expansion is well on track.

Mafcom has invested heavily into the first margarine factory in Angola, producing quality margarine under Alimobrand. it offers all kinds of margarine solutions to all the segments of the market. (20% fat margarine, 60% fat margarine, 80% fat margarine)

Today the Company has it presence in all important locations in Angola. (Luanda, Cabinda, Huambo, Lobito, Benguela, Uige, Gabela, Malange & Lubango) it has developed wide spread distribution network all across the country. Every centrehas dedicated teams for sales, marketing, promotion and distribution of its product.

MAFCOM is know in Angola for the distribution of its high quality product and supplies products to all its Clients. The company is wellrepresented in the formal market chain of Angola.

The company is growing at a healthy rate and is continues to expand its business activity all across the country. It has acquireda 35000 square meters of industrial zone where it intends to build 16000 square meters warehouse for its future projects.

Rua Rei Katyavala
Condominio Rei Katyavala
Edificio B, 3º andar
Luanda – Angola

Tel +244- 991 222 200

Email info@mafcomangola.com