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Founded by Mr. Alimohamed Shams in 1991, Group Mafricom has expanded to new horizons by reaching out to customer needsand constantly looking for new opportunities to grow and be lifelong learners.

Our Vision is to Expand Globally and to help create a Better, Brighter and Sustainable future for the current and future generations.


From the very start, Group Mafricom has been dedicated to supporting local communities and economies, an ideal that we still uphold today. We believe in touching lives by providing good quality products at affordable price-points to Our customers. We are supporters of sustainable development and we believe in Nature’s balance. We help economies of the geographies where we are currently present, by creatingemployment opportunities to the local people.We source Quality Products from across the globe and ensurethat they reach our customers timely through our strong distribution network. We will continue to be doing our part in helping to build stronger and healthier generations, all towards a better and brighter future. Help us help you!!

Quality and Affordability: Our mission is to provide Quality Products at affordable prices thereby creating Value to Our Brands and at the same time Touching Lives.

Who We Are

Group Mafricom/Mafcom began as a trading company in the Democratic Republic of Congo in 1991.

We initially began with the Clothing Business but eventually Our company grew and expanded significantly.We then started importing milk powder from Ireland, selling them in tins, sacksand sachetsto the mass market in Africa.

By providing the public with wholesome milkat an affordable rate, we were able to fulfil our goal of providing people with a top-quality product that was both healthy and nutritiousand at the same time available at an accessible price point to the general public.

Thanks to the success and growth of Group Mafricom/Mafcom, after a few years, we decided to venture further into the food Business and spread our wings across geographies.

Today Group Mafricom /Mafcom Group is present in 4 countries, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Republic of Congo, Angola and Ghana with Offices, Factories and distribution centres spread across strategic locations.

Currently we have diversified Operations into these Self- Sustaining Business Verticals:

  • Food (Dairy, Grains and Cereals,Packaged andFrozen Food) and Beverages.

  • Pharmaceuticals

  • Clothing

With our extensive distribution network and the quality of all our products, we are proud to say that we are among the Front-runners and Business leaders in these markets.

The company is growing at a healthy rate and is continuing to expand its businesses across all of Africa.

In 2017 Group Mafcomventured into the pharmaceutical business with medicines form Europe and Asia, also developing some products under its own label. Today Miafarma is a well-known name in the Angolan market and its expansionis well on track.

Recently we started to invest in Coffee by growing and exporting Angolan coffee to Germany, Spain and Portugal. We have created a Value chain with a network of 2000 coffee farmers and we continue to support them with Our micro-financing program.

Where We Are

In 1991, we started Our operations in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

In 2005, we had initiated our Businesses in Angola.

By 2009, we had begun Activities in Congo.

In 2020, we have started Our Operations in Ghana.

Key Facts
and Values

  • We stick to Our Commitments and ethically, we are one of the Best companies in Central Africa.

  • Strategic Locations of Our Sales Points have been key in our Business Growth.

  • Quality Products and Dedicated staff to serve our Customer’s needs have been one of Our Biggest Strengths.

  • Establishment of Strong and efficient Supply Chains has helped Us reach our Sales Targets throughout the years.

  • Investments into diverse Businesses has helped us Sustain and overcome Tough situations.

  • Excellent Relationships with all our Suppliers and Clients is helping us to sustain and grow at a healthy rate.

  • We have created a network of coffee farmers supported by our micro financing program.

  • We built the First margarine factory in Angola, producing quality margarine with different fat levels (20% fat margarine, 60% fat margarine, 80% fat margarine).

  • A wide spread distribution network across Geographies with dedicated teams for sales, marketing, promotion and distribution of Our products.

  • The Company employs more than 1000 professionals.

  • We believe in what is called “Investing in the Future”.

Our Story


Oasis de Vie - Clinique

On the 16th of November, the Mafricom Group opened its private clinic in Kinshasa.

The opening event gave the opportunity to divulge more about Oasis de Vie - Clinique, what is its concept, value proposition and main differentiating factors.

The Oasis de Vie - Clinique in Kinshasa, is a non-profit clinic, supported by a concept of proximity to people with a diversified health care offer thinking about the well-being of the population and focused on their real needs.

Oasis de Vie - Clinique has an experienced and reliable medical team supported by innovative equipment and technology to provide an excellent service to each patient.


Pharmaceutical business

Group Mafcom started its pharmaceutical business with medicines form Europe and Asia, also developing some products under its own label.


Acquired a coffee farm

Mafcom also acquired a coffee farm which is being rehabilitated.


Coffee to Germany, Spain and Portugal

Mafcom started to invest in Coffee by growing and exporting Angolan coffee to Germany, Spain and Portugal.


Frozen meat, fish and poultry business

The company started the frozen meat, fish and poultry business, and today it is one of the biggest importers and sellers.


New Energie brand name

We launched our solid yoghurt, also under the new Energie brand name.


Republic of Congo

Opened a center in the Republic of Congo to sell the same products.


Expanded into Angola

Group Mafricom/Mafcom expanded into Angola, where began selling used clothing and milk powder.


Started importing milk powder

Group Mafricom/Mafcom started importing milk powder from Ireland, selling tins, sacks and sachets of milk power to the mass market in Africa.


The beginning of our company

In 1991, Group Mafricom/Mafcom began as a trading company, importing quality and used clothing from Europe and America.

From the very start, Group Mafricomwas dedicated to supporting local communities and economies-an ideal that we still uphold today. Our first customers were generally women who bought bales of clothing, which they would then sell on individually in the market.

This did not only help generate an income for these women, but also gave people access to top quality, world-class clothing.